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Angency/Partner password help is available on the form below after selecting your account type. If you have university credentials be sure to read below. University students, faculty, and staff should visit the Division of Information Technology website for information about managing your password: http://doit.missouri.edu/accounts/passwords.html.

Domain selection
The following form provides domain selection. This might be necessary if your credentials differ from your intended login. For example, you might be a employee enrolled in a Service Learning course or a student teaching assistant engaged as an instructor.

  1. Select the Account type based on your intended interaction with the MU Serves website rather than your official status at the university.
  2. Select the Domain based on your official status with the university:
    • Columbia Campus employees use the domain umc-users
    • Hospital employees use the domain umhs-users
    • UM System employees use the domain um-users
    • Students not employed by the university (other than work study, teaching assistant, or research assistant) use the domain tigers
  3. If you selected Student for the account type enter your pawprint, or UserID (SSO, Single Sign On). A student pawprint consists of the student’s initials and three random characters which ensure its uniqueness. A faculty/staff pawprint usually consists of the employee’s last name combined with initials.
    You may have setup an email alias. Even so, your pawprint remains the same as originally assigned. Your email alias cannot be used to login to MUServers.
  4. If you selected Agency/Partner, Instructor, or Administrator for the account enter your full email address.
  5. Enter your password. Students should enter the password associated with MyZou - not Outlook Live.
Log In using your pawprint - not your full email address.
You may have setup an email alias. It does not change your pawprint.
If you selected tigers for the domain enter the password associated with MyZou.
This password may differ from the password for Outlook Live, the student email system.

If you continue to experience difficulty with login, please contact The Office of Service Learning at 573.882.0227.