Certificate warning message or
“This site is untrusted” message

The MU Serves website requires a secure connection. If you receive a certificate warning message or a “This site is untrusted” message, you will need to install the University of Missouri root security certificate. The following screenshots are examples of these messages, but your web browser may display slightly different messages.

certificate warning message screenshot

connection untrusted warning message screenshot

About security certificates

When a browser operates in secure mode, the information that is being transferred is encrypted. Encryption prevents anyone except the actual sender or receiver and the server from viewing the information. This involves a process called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

To ensure the SSL connection is made to the intended server, certificates are used. The secure server and browser exchange certificate information when a connection is established.

Most browsers come pre-loaded with trusted certificate authorities, allowing a secure web page to automatically load. If the SSL certificate is not in the browser's pre-loaded list, a root certificate must be downloaded to identify the certificate as a trusted source.

The University of Missouri’s Division of IT issues certificates from the InCommon Certificate Service. These are commercial certificates issued by the Comodo Certificate Authority. The InCommon certificates have a root certificate from Comodo's AddTrust External CA Root. This certificate is installed in the pre-loaded trusted certificate authority stores for over 99% of browsers. Your browser will issue a certificate warning message if this root security certificate is not installed.

Install the University of Missouri security certificate

Instructions for downloading and installing the University of Missouri security certificate are available from the University of Missouri KnowledgeBase.

The KnowledgeBase requires login, however, guest access is provided. Agency/Partner users should click the "Login as Guest" link.

How To: Install University of Missouri Security Certificate