Agencies and Partners

Listing 108 Partners

Central Missouri Humane Society

Animal Care, Customer Service, Event Planning, Fundraising, Program Development, Grant Writing, Office Administration, Public Relations/Promotion

Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition

Human Rights Advocacy
Event Planning, Social Justice, Client Counseling, Marketing, Community Specific Research, Criminal Justice, Outreach, City Government

Central Missouri Subcontracting Enterprises

Capacity Building
Project Management, Budgeting, Program Development

Central Missouri Therapy SPOT

Education, Children & Youth
Child Enrichment Activities, Early Childhood Emphasis, Behavioral Therapy, Classroom Assistance

Central Pantry (The)

Basic Needs
Client Counseling, Customer Service, Social Justice, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Nutrition

Centralia Regional Economic Development Inc. (CREDI)

Local Government
Data Entry, Computer Skills , Fundraising, Project Management, Public Relations/Promotion, Data Compilation, Marketing, Program Development, Community Development, Grant Writing, Writing, Outreach, General Office Duties

Centro Latino de Salud, Educacion y Cultura

Education, Children & Youth
Community Organizing, Child Enrichment Activities, Math Proficiency, Reading Proficiency, Mentoring, Tutoring, ESL Literacy, Cultural Awareness, Legal Assistance, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Writing, Youth Emphasis

Child Care Aware of Missouri

Education, Children & Youth
Office Administration, Client Counseling, Program Development, Community Specific Research, Early Childhood Emphasis, Not-For-Profit Management

Children with Faith and Hope, Inc.

Education, Children & Youth