Agencies and Partners

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Daniel Boone Regional Library

Community Based Education
Customer Service, Library Science, Technology Training, Reading Proficiency, Child Enrichment Activities, Data Compilation, Adult Literacy, Arts Education, Citizen Involvement, Adaptive Technology, Volunteer Development, Youth Emphasis

Day Dreams Foundation

Education, Children & Youth
Child Enrichment Activities, Middle School Emphasis, Youth Emphasis, Elementary School Emphasis, Youth Development


Disability Services

Defense Against Diabetes

Data Entry, Public Health Resources, Health Literacy, Health Professions, Health Care

Department of Dermatology

Health Literacy, Health Professions, Health Care

Department of Medicine/School of Medicine (MU)

Customer Service, Graphic Design, Health Care Administration, Bookkeeping, Office Administration, Data Compilation, Marketing, Web Page Management, General Office Duties

Destiny Learning Center

Education, Children & Youth
Advertising, Childcare, Construction, Customer Service, Food Preparation and Serving, Fundraising, Community Gardening, Grant Administration, Mentoring, Research, Tutoring, Child Enrichment Activities, Marketing, Arts Education, Cultural Awareness, Dental Health Care, Youth Emphasis, Nutrition, Grant Writing, Early Childhood Emphasis, Food Scarcity/Hunger, Business Plan

Downtown Optimist Club

Education, Children & Youth