Agencies and Partners

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Jabberwocky Studios

Arts and Culture
Adaptive Art, Marketing, Cultural Awareness, Community Development

Jefferson City Public Schools Foundation

Community Based Education
Computer Skills , Event Planning, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Public Relations/Promotion, Videography, Video Production

Job Point

Community Based Education
Reading Proficiency, Carpentry, Math Proficiency, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Financial Literacy, Computer Skills , Construction, Educational Counseling, Mentoring, Client Counseling, Life Skills Training, Human Resource Development, Employment Training

Jordans Place

Education, Children & Youth
Community Development, Middle School Emphasis, Youth Emphasis, Elementary School Emphasis, Youth Development, High School Emphasis


Education, Children & Youth
Child Enrichment Activities, Math Proficiency, Reading Proficiency, ESL Literacy, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Early Childhood Emphasis

Junior Achievement

Education, Children & Youth
Math Proficiency, Financial Development, Financial Literacy, Youth Emphasis, Budgeting, Life Skills Training, Business Plan

Kidz Investing N Knowledge

Education, Children & Youth
Tutoring, Child Enrichment Activities, Middle School Emphasis, Elementary School Emphasis, High School Emphasis, Classroom Assistance

Kiwanis Clubs of Columbia

Education, Children & Youth

KMOS (Public Television)

Community Based Education