Agencies and Partners

Listing 80 Partners

Make-A-Wish Missouri

Education, Children & Youth

March of Dimes

Capacity Building, Inc.

Event Planning, Public Relations/Promotion, Financial Development, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Photography, Grant Writing, Web Page Management, Communications, Outreach, Write Speeches, Newsletters & Press Releases, Childcare

Mary Lee Johnston Community Learning Center

Education, Children & Youth
Early Childhood Emphasis

McCambridge Center for Women

Project Management, Child Enrichment Activities, Customer Service, Math Proficiency, Reading Proficiency

Meals on Wheels

Project Management, Web Design, Program Development, Survey Design, Survey Preparation/Implementation, Nutrition, Web Page Management, Senior Citizens, Social Media


Patient Assistance, Delivery of Medical Care, Customer Service, Office Administration, Data Compilation

Mid-Missouri LGBT Coalition

Human Rights Advocacy

Mid-Missouri Peaceworks

Community Based Education
Project Management, Community Organizing, Advocacy, Program Development, Citizen Involvement, Community Specific Research