Agencies and Partners

Listing 79 Partners

Mid-Missouri Peaceworks

Community Based Education
Project Management, Community Organizing, Advocacy, Program Development, Citizen Involvement, Community Specific Research

Missouri Alliance for Children and Families

Computer Skills , Educational Counseling, Mentoring, Child Enrichment Activities, Advocacy, College Preparation, Life Skills Training, Youth Emphasis, Youth Development, Family Assistance, Classroom Assistance, Juvenile Justice

Missouri Cancer Associates

Health Care

Missouri CLAIM

Delivery of Medical Care, Cultural Awareness, Public Health Resources, Senior Citizens, Disabilities

Missouri Clean Energy District

Activism/Grassroots Organizing, Environmental Issues, Sustainability

Missouri College Advising Corps

Education, Children & Youth
Educational Counseling

Missouri Contemporary Ballet

Arts and Culture

Missouri Division of Youth Services, Northeast Region

Education, Children & Youth
Educational Counseling, Mentoring, Client Counseling, College Preparation, Crime Prevention, Financial Literacy, Youth Emphasis, Pre-employment Counseling

Missouri Faith Voices