Agencies and Partners

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No Kill Columbia

Activism/Grassroots Organizing, Event Planning, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Web Design, Marketing, Grant Writing, Not-For-Profit Management, Writing, Write Speeches, Newsletters & Press Releases

Nora Stewart Early Learning Center

Education, Children & Youth
Childcare, Mentoring, Child Enrichment Activities, Early Childhood Emphasis, Youth Emphasis

Odyssey Chamber Music Series, Inc.

Arts and Culture
Fundraising, Arts Education, Community Development, Volunteer Development

Off Track Events

Advertising, Construction, Food Preparation and Serving, Photography, Project Management, Public Relations/Promotion, Office Administration, Carpentry, Videography, Volunteer Development, Music, Outreach, Recreation, Video Production, Physical Education, Social Media

ParentLink (MU College of Education)

Education, Children & Youth
Childcare, Reading Proficiency, Child Enrichment Activities, Math Proficiency, Early Childhood Emphasis, Volunteer Development, Customer Service, Life Skills Training, Reproductive Health, STD Prevention, Youth Emphasis

Parents As Teachers

Education, Children & Youth
Customer Service, Research, Reading Proficiency, Community Specific Research, In Home Assistance, Life Skills Training, Youth Emphasis, Youth Development, Family Assistance

PedNet Coalition

Community Based Education
Adaptive Recreation, Transportation Advocacy, Youth Emphasis, Life Skills Training, Nutrition, Accounting, Activism/Grassroots Organizing, Event Planning, Project Management, Public Relations/Promotion, Bookkeeping, Office Administration, Advocacy, Marketing, Program Development, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Cultural Awareness, Volunteer Development, Not-For-Profit Management, Grant Writing

Phoenix Programs, Inc.

Therapeutic Counseling, Event Planning, Research, Customer Service, Database Creation, Alcohol Treatment, Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Drug Treatment, Drug Abuse Prevention, Not-For-Profit Management