Agencies and Partners

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The Wardrobe

Basic Needs
Community Organizing, Community Development, Basic Needs

Third Goal Film Festival (Peace Corps)

Arts and Culture
Event Planning, Graphic Design, Photography, Public Relations/Promotion, Social Justice, Cultural Awareness, Survey Preparation/Implementation, Videography, Web Page Management, Communications, International Studies, Outreach, Video Production, International Issues, Social Media

Thomas Jefferson Agricultural Institute

Education, Children & Youth
Animal Care, Community Gardening, Program Development

Thompson Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Disability Services
Client Counseling, Therapeutic Counseling, Data Compilation, Patient Assistance, Community Specific Research, Delivery of Medical Care

Thrive Autism Solutions

Disability Services
Research, Advocacy, Disabilities

Tiger Pantry

Basic Needs
Event Planning, Public Relations/Promotion, Social Justice, Advocacy, Program Development, Citizen Involvement, Economic Justice, Volunteer Development, Food Scarcity/Hunger, Communications, Strategic Planning, Outreach, Family Assistance, Basic Needs, Inventory Management, General Office Duties, Social Media



Tigers for Community Agriculture

Activism/Grassroots Organizing, Event Planning, Community Gardening, Nutrition, Sustainability, Food Scarcity/Hunger

Tigers on the Prowl

Basic Needs
Communications, Data Entry, Computer Skills , Customer Service, Editing, Event Planning, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Project Management, Public Relations/Promotion, Research, Web Design, Office Administration, Data Compilation, Marketing, Program Development, Writing, Web Page Management, Business Plan, Strategic Planning, Outreach, General Office Duties, Social Media