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Watch Us Grow

Education, Children & Youth
Childcare, Child Enrichment Activities, Early Childhood Emphasis, Music, Family Assistance

Welcome Home, Inc.

Basic Needs
Data Entry, Therapeutic Counseling, Customer Service, Educational Counseling, Transportation Assistance, Event Planning, Fundraising, Grant Administration, Project Management, Public Relations/Promotion, Public Speaking, Social Justice, Technology Training, Office Administration, Data Compilation, Client Counseling, Advocacy, Alcohol Abuse Prevention, Program Development, Community Specific Research, Domestic Violence Awareness, Domestic Violence Prevention, Web Page Management, Volunteer Development, Transportation Advocacy, Transitional Housing, Not-For-Profit Management, Life Skills Training, Grant Writing, Financial Literacy, Drug Abuse Prevention, Activism/Grassroots Organizing, Construction, Legal Assistance, Maintenance , Mentoring, Photography, Tutoring, Art Therapy, Weatherization, Videography

Wild Folk

Community Based Education
Activism/Grassroots Organizing, Mentoring, Social Justice, Child Enrichment Activities, Community Development, Class Instruction

Wilkes Blvd UMC

Data Entry, Computer Skills , Grant Administration, Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Data Compilation, Cultural Awareness, Financial Development, Financial Literacy

Wind River Ranch

Accounting, Childcare, Customer Service, Project Management, Bookkeeping, Office Administration, Inventory Management

Wonderland Camp

Disability Services
Adaptive Art, Child Enrichment Activities, Carpentry, Adaptive Recreation, Art Therapy, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Youth Emphasis, Youth Development, Outreach, Disabilities


Disability Services
Customer Service, Adaptive Employment, Adaptive Recreation, Advocacy, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Adaptive Technology, Life Skills Training

Worley Street Roundtable

Community Based Education
Activism/Grassroots Organizing, Social Justice, Community Organizing, Citizen Involvement, Community Development, Middle School Emphasis, Youth Emphasis, Elementary School Emphasis, Outreach

Youth Community Coalition

Education, Children & Youth
Drug Abuse Prevention, Youth Emphasis

Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook

Education, Children & Youth