Grow Well Missouri

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Basic Needs

Description and Mission

Grow Well Missouri partners with food pantries, local organizations, and volunteers to establish food gardening programs that reach out to food pantry customers. By offering a selection of seeds, vegetable transplants, educational materials, and one-on-one advice, Grow Well Missouri helps those who use food pantries reap the many benefits of gardening.


Our primary activities include 1.) the formation of local Wellness Groups to identify and develop solutions for high priority health and nutrition needs; 2.) offering gardening education in combination with garden seeds and other supplies to help people have productive food gardens; and 3.) the development of a peer network of food pantry directors, staff, and volunteers to increase learning and sharing among groups in Missouri.

Contact Information:

203 Gentry Hall

Columbia, MO 65211
Phone: (573) 882-4973


How to Serve

I want to earn credit for service (through service-learning)

In order to earn credit while serving on this project, please contact the MU Office of Service Learning online by submitting this form or calling us at 573.882.0227.

I want to volunteer

If you want to volunteer with this agency, please contact them directly through the contact information listed above.