Columbia Public Schools: Rock Bridge High School

Partner Type

Education, Children & Youth

Description and Mission

Rock Bridge Senior High is a public school located in South Columbia. Rock Bridge is a student-centered comprehensive high school where students achieve at high levels. This is accomplished though a community of shared decision-making, collaboration, and a focus on student learning. We offer an extensive, comprehensive curriculum including strong core-curriculum, and wide-range of elective and Advanced Placement offerings. Our passionate staff regularly engages in interdisciplinary and content specific collaboration through Shared Planning and Professional Learning Teams. Their commitment to student learning and professional growth is the best in the state.


Volunteers can serve as classroom assistants and tutors, working primarily with students in a non-traditional and individualized classroom setting.

Special emphasis and skills:

Educational Counseling, Reading Proficiency, Math Proficiency, Financial Literacy, Life Skills Training, Youth Emphasis, Tutoring, Budgeting, Marketing, Business Plan

Contact Information:

4303 S. Providence Road

Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: (573) 214-3100


How to Serve

I want to earn credit for service (through service-learning)

In order to earn credit while serving on this project, please contact the MU Office of Service Learning online by submitting this form or calling us at 573.882.0227.

I want to volunteer

If you want to volunteer with this agency, please contact them directly through the contact information listed above.