Wild Folk

Partner Type

Community Based Education

Description and Mission

Tapping into enduring traditions as well as the latest educational research, we encourage learning's inherent passion, curiosity, and joy. Through a deep connection to the natural world and our community, we seek to cultivate compassionate, empowered, ecologically-minded citizens. Founded in 2015, Wild Folk weaves together experiential, place-based learning, diverse mentorship, creative play, skill-based education, democratic decision-making, and collaborative community-building. We are first and foremost a community bound together by a deep love, reverence, and curiosity for the natural world and all of its inhabitants. We are also a community of seekers, organizers, educators, artists, and dreamers who love to wrestle with big questions.


Nature connection, mindfulness, hikes, wild food foraging, herbalism, community building, and community service.

Special emphasis and skills:

Activism/Grassroots Organizing, Mentoring, Social Justice, Child Enrichment Activities, Community Development, Class Instruction

Contact Information:

11461 Callahan Creek Road

Harrisburg, Miss 65256
Phone: 917-370-5279



How to Serve

I want to earn credit for service (through service-learning)

In order to earn credit while serving on this project, please contact the MU Office of Service Learning online by submitting this form or calling us at 573.882.0227.

I want to volunteer

If you want to volunteer with this agency, please contact them directly through the contact information listed above.