Defense Against Diabetes

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Description and Mission

Defense Against Diabetes provides Type 2 diabetes awareness, prevention programs, and self-management classes for those living with type 2 diabetes. The mission of Defense Against Diabetes is to slow the growing trend of increasing rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes. By being proactive, changes in behavior can be made early and decrease the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. Our goal is to serve as a resource in preventing or delaying the effects of diabetes in high-risk populations


Currently needing assistance entering data from program participants to report to the CDC (Center for Disease Control). Additionally need assistance with social media content and management as well as general advertising and marketing.

Special emphasis and skills:

Data Entry, Public Health Resources, Health Literacy, Health Professions, Health Care

Contact Information:

617 N Providence Rd

Columbia , MO 65203
Phone: 5733039560



How to Serve

I want to earn credit for service (through service-learning)

In order to earn credit while serving on this project, please contact the MU Office of Service Learning online by submitting this form or calling us at 573.882.0227.

I want to volunteer

If you want to volunteer with this agency, please contact them directly through the contact information listed above.