Second Chance (of Columbia)

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Description and Mission

Second Chance (SC) is a volunteer run, privately funded, not for profit animal rescue group. They are a 100% adoption agency and will house the pets until an adoptive home can be found. There are approximately 30 dogs in foster care and 35 kitties at the Kitty Condos with another 40 or so in foster care. The condo cats need daily care (food, water, meals, scooping poop, general cleaning, lots of love). Interaction with dogs is usually at weekend events or in our medical clinic on Wednesday nights. Volunteers may be asked to do some yard work and/or warehouse managing. There are also opportunities to work with the public in viewing cats and dogs during our open hours: Sat and Sun afternoons.


Up to 12 students can help among all our projects: with socialization and animal care at the kitty condos, walking foster dogs, introducing animals to potential adopters, sorting donations, and various maintenance and clean-up around our warehouse and adoption center.

Special emphasis and skills:

Animal Care, Health Care Administration, Social Justice, Patient Assistance, Economic Justice

Contact Information:

Second Chance of Columbia

PO Box 10186
Columbia, MO 65205
Phone: 573-476-4352
Phone 2:573-476-4352


How to Serve

I want to earn credit for service (through service-learning)

In order to earn credit while serving on this project, please contact the MU Office of Service Learning online by submitting this form or calling us at 573.882.0227.

I want to volunteer

If you want to volunteer with this agency, please contact them directly through the contact information listed above.