Agencies and Partners

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Employment Connection

Basic Needs
Computer Skills , Customer Service, Financial Planning, Office Administration, Financial Development, Financial Literacy, Not-For-Profit Management, Pre-employment Counseling, Family Assistance, Resume Assistance

Encircle Technologies

Capacity Building
Computer Skills , Web Design, Adaptive Employment, Advocacy, Employment Training, Videography, Career Skills Training

Excelsior Springs Senior Center

Community Development, Senior Citizens, Recreation

Experience Works

Community Based Education

F.A.C.T. Families and Communities Together

Community Based Education
Community Organizing, Community Development

Family Access Center of Excellence (FACE)

Education, Children & Youth
Marketing, Community Development, Family Assistance, Social Media

Family Health Center

Educational Counseling, Health Care Administration, Client Counseling, Patient Assistance, Community Specific Research, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Nutrition

First Chance for Children

Community Based Education
Child Enrichment Activities, Early Childhood Emphasis, Life Skills Training