Agencies and Partners

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Bluffs (The)

Transportation Assistance, Health Care Administration, Adaptive Art, Patient Assistance, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Life Skills Training, Nutrition

Bonnie Riley Equine Center

Animal Care, Patient Assistance, Youth Emphasis, Outreach, Disabilities, Animal Companionship, Human Animal Interaction, Therapeutic Care, Recreation, Client Companionship, Class Instruction, Exercise Physiology

Boone County Animal Care

Animal Care, Animal Companionship

Boone County Family Resources

Disability Services
Reading Proficiency, Child Enrichment Activities, Client Counseling, Educational Counseling, Event Planning, Adaptive Art, Adaptive Employment, Adaptive Recreation, Math Proficiency, Program Development, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Adaptive Technology, Life Skills Training

Boone County Health Department

Project Management, Bookkeeping, Financial Planning, Community Organizing, Office Administration, Child Enrichment Activities, Data Compilation, Web Design, Customer Service, Editing, Event Planning, Fundraising, Marketing

Boone Hospital Center

Patient Assistance, Health Care Administration, Client Counseling, Delivery of Medical Care

Boone Hospital Hospice

Customer Service, Health Care Administration, Client Counseling, Patient Assistance, Delivery of Medical Care

Boy Scouts of America, Great Rivers Council

Education, Children & Youth
Project Management, Community Organizing, Child Enrichment Activities, Event Planning, Reading Proficiency, Math Proficiency, Youth Emphasis, Adaptive Recreation, Life Skills Training, Volunteer Development

Boys and Girls Club of Jefferson City

Education, Children & Youth