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City of Refuge


City of St. Peters/ Sustainability Specialist

Local Government
Community Gardening, Web Design, Web Page Management, Sustainability, Strategic Planning, City Government, Social Media

CLIP NPO Internship Program

Community Based Education
Data Entry, Fundraising, Mentoring, Project Management, Social Justice, ESL Literacy, Community Organizing, Adult Literacy, Marketing, Program Development, Community Development, Financial Literacy, Volunteer Development, Business Plan, Youth Development, Leadership, Outreach, Health Care

Columbia (City of) Office of Sustainability

Local Government
Project Management, Public Relations/Promotion, Public Speaking, Program Development, Citizen Involvement, Community Design, Community Development

Columbia (City of) Parks & Recreation

Project Management, Child Enrichment Activities, Customer Service, Event Planning

Columbia (City of) Public Works

Local Government
Project Management, Community Organizing, Carpentry, Editing, Event Planning

Columbia Access Television

Arts and Culture
Customer Service, Data Compilation, Customer Service, Event Planning, Fundraising, Marketing, Graphic Design, Office Administration, Financial Development, Not-For-Profit Management