Agencies and Partners

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Columbia Adoption Project

Education, Children & Youth
Childcare, Not-For-Profit Management, Family Assistance

Columbia Art League

Arts and Culture
Event Planning, Arts Education, Citizen Involvement, Youth Emphasis

Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture

Community Based Education
Community Gardening, Community Organizing, Advocacy, Citizen Involvement, Community Specific Research

Columbia Golf Foundation

Education, Children & Youth
Event Planning, Child Enrichment Activities, Citizen Involvement, Community Development, Not-For-Profit Management, Youth Emphasis

Columbia Housing Authority

Basic Needs
Fundraising, Mentoring, Math Proficiency, Educational Counseling, Tutoring, Transportation Assistance, ESL Literacy, Reading Proficiency, Budgeting, Child Enrichment Activities, Client Counseling, Adult Literacy, Advocacy, College Preparation, Cultural & Social Assimilation, Youth Emphasis, Financial Literacy, Early Childhood Emphasis, Pre-employment Counseling

Columbia MetroRotary

International Focus
Data Entry, Fundraising, Social Justice, Community Organizing, Data Compilation, Community Development, Communications, Support Committee Work

Columbia Montessori School

Education, Children & Youth
Child Enrichment Activities, Early Childhood Emphasis, Youth Emphasis

Columbia Public Schools - Mill Creek Elementary

Education, Children & Youth
Community Organizing, Child Enrichment Activities, Volunteer Development, Youth Emphasis, Elementary School Emphasis

Columbia Public Schools: ACE Program

Education, Children & Youth
Tutoring, Reading Proficiency, Math Proficiency, Middle School Emphasis, Writing, High School Emphasis